Wash: Yu Darvish has adjustments to make

NEW YORK -- Texas Rangers manager Ron Washington believes that starter Yu Darvish is going to have to make some adjustments as he battles through a seven-game winless stretch that dates to mid-May.

"I think he's going to have to change his way of doing things because it looks like teams are starting to make adjustments," Washington said before the Rangers faced the Yankees on Wednesday. "I'm not going to try to take away from him being Darvish, but he might have to change up something. What we're going to talk to him about changing up is not for the press right now."

Washington said the team has already made some suggestions to Darvish, but it hasn't been a case of the pitcher ignoring the directives. The manager added that he personally hasn't talked with Darvish yet -- instead passing along suggestions through pitching coach Mike Maddux -- but will if he feels it's necessary.

"I don't think he's being stubborn. I think when he goes out there he believes in himself and what he likes to do," Washington said. "I think he's been pretty good at making adjustments. It's just that right now he has to make another one. And then maybe in another couple of starts he'll have to make another. You go back and forth, that's the game."

Since starting the season 7-1, Darvish is 0-2 in his last seven starts. He's pitched well during these past seven games, compiling a 2.93 ERA, but opponents have fared better than they did earlier this year. Darvish's last win came May 16 against the Tigers.

In Darvish's first nine starts, he gave up just 37 hits and seven homers in 60 2/3 innings. In these past seven games, he's surrendered the same amount of hits and homers in 46 innings. He's 7-3 with a 2.95 ERA this year, leading the team in wins while posting the staff's best ERA.

On Tuesday, Darvish lasted just 5 1/3 innings against a weakened Yankees lineup and gave up three earned runs, all coming on solo home runs. He yielded seven hits and struck out six in a no-decision. Darvish has given up eight runs (seven earned) in his last two starts, the most of any two-game stretch this season for the 26-year-old.

Darvish's next scheduled start comes Sunday in Texas against Cincinnati.

"The game is adjusting, re-adjust, adjust, re-adjust," Washington said. "We just got to re-adjust. And then after we re-adjust we're going to have to continue to adjust, re-adjust, adjust. It goes on like that.

"We'll talk to him about some things and see where it goes. It's not going to be us going to him and saying 'this is what you got to do.' There's going to be some suggestions and if it helps you, it helps you. If it don't help you, it don't help you."