Manny Ramirez focused on present, not past

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Manny Ramirez is in a good mood. He's laughing a lot. He's living in the now.

Which means he doesn't want to look back.

Ramirez talked to reporters for 93 seconds before Monday's second game for Triple-A Round Rock as he begins his comeback attempt with the Rangers. He declined to talk to reporters after going 0-for-3 and just missing a home run in the eighth inning of Monday's game.

He's tired of answering questions about how he got here -- a 41-year old hitter trying to get back to the major leagues. He said as much when asked by a reporter if he was surprised about getting another chance with the Rangers.

"Why do you keep going back, Oakland, 2011, '12?" Ramirez said. "We're here right now. It doesn't make sense."

So is making this comeback attempt for the love of the game?

"You guys ask me questions where I don't know where you get them from. It doesn't make any sense," Ramirez said. "Nobody's here because they don't love to play the game. Why do you think I'm here? Because I don't have anything else to do. I love the game."

Ramirez instead spent Monday encouraging reporters to talk to other Round Rock players and his uncle, who is traveling and training with him.

Manny's tired of talking about himself.