Tough first night in RF for David Murphy

ANAHEIM, Calif. -- David Murphy could laugh about his defensive miscues Monday night, but only because the Texas Rangers defeated the Los Angeles Angels in his first game playing right field this season.

Murphy, filling the void left by Nelson Cruz's 50-game suspension, wasn't charged with any errors, but he overran Mark Trumbo's fly ball near the foul pole that went for a run-scoring double in the first inning.

"It was ironic that the first play I get was a really challenging play," Murphy said. "A right-handed batter slicing a ball like that, I thought it was for sure foul and that I would have to go in the stands. The wind moved that ball at least 10 feet."

That was blunder No. 1. The other comical moment came in the eighth inning when Chris Nelson blooped a single to short right field, though Murphy could have easily been charged with an error for failing to glove a ball that should have been caught.

"The second (play) was just embarrassing," Murphy said, smiling. "It's easy to laugh about because it didn't end up meaning anything. Obviously it wasn't a great first night out there."

Murphy said he didn't feel as comfortable playing right field as he has in the past or as comfortable as he feels in left. He played right in 17 games last year and in 32 in 2011.

Rangers manager Ron Washington didn't seem too concerned.

"Murphy can play the outfield," Washington said. "It was just one of those nights."