Mike Maddux wants 'challenge' of managing

Texas Rangers pitching coach Mike Maddux admits that he's got the managing bug now.

That wasn't the case two years ago, when he was approached by the Boston Red Sox and the Chicago Cubs and ended up withdrawing his name and staying in Texas. Then, his daughters and wife had just moved to the state and Maddux wasn't prepared to try to shift the family.

But now?

"A lot of things have changed and I do feel more ready now," Maddux said Friday. "My kids are in school now and they’ve been stable here. One is graduating college, and the other one is nearing. It might be time for another challenge."

When asked if Nolan Ryan's departure was one of the "things" that changed, Maddux said, "Yes, you could say that."

Ryan was instrumental in bringing Maddux to Texas from Milwaukee prior to the 2009 season. But Maddux added that Ryan's resignation, effective at the end of the month, does not mean the club's current pitching coach is looking to leave.

"I am happy in Texas," Maddux said. "I love it down here. More importantly, my family loves it down here. If I were the pitching coach here next season, I’d be very happy with that. But being a manager, having your own ball club, would be a new challenge I would love."

Maddux hasn't been formally contacted by anybody. At least not yet. But he has an impressive resume and is clearly interested in hearing what prospective teams might have to say. So what would Maddux bring to a managerial job?

"Passion," Maddux said. "I'm all-in in what I do. It would be a new challenge. I thoroughly enjoy being a pitching coach and I'm very confident in what I do. But I've been around this game my whole life, so why not?"

Ask Maddux's pitchers and they'll tell you his greatest gift is his ability to communicate with each guy and understand the variety of personalities on a staff. That would clearly be an asset as a manager.

"I would have to delegate more and bring everything together -- the pitching, offense and defense," Maddux said. "I'd like that challenge."