Mitch Moreland ready for anything in 2014

Mitch Moreland isn’t sitting around wondering where he’s going to play in 2014. That’s not how his mind works.

Moreland heard about the Ian Kinsler-Prince Fielder trade and spoke with assistant general manager Thad Levine after it went through. Moreland knows his role – and even where he plays baseball in 2014 – could be up in the air, but he isn’t worried about it.

“I’ve got to get ready to play, no matter what happens,” Moreland said by phone Thursday. “I have to take care of myself and be ready to go when the season starts. I can’t control anything that happens.”

Moreland said he wasn’t surprised by the deal, noting that he’s learned that’s part of the business of baseball. Moreland shares the same agent as Kinsler and the two are friends.

“I’ve already sent him a message and want to hear from him when he gets back,” Moreland said. Kinsler is in Hawaii on vacation and returns next week. “He’s a good buddy of mine and I’ll definitely miss him. He’s done a lot for this team.”

Moreland’s focus is on improving his overall game for 2014. The 28-year-old had career-high 23 homers and 60 RBIs, but hit a career-low .232.

“I didn’t have the year I wanted to have, but I still felt like I had some good stuff and stuff I can do better and improve on,” Moreland said. “The power was good. It was better than what it has been. I would get in spurts where I felt good and was pretty consistent and I would have times where I would lose that and kind of be searching for it.

“I think I need to go out and play my game and have fun and relax and get myself into a situation where I’m not questioning if I’m going to be in there and where I’m going to be playing and just go out and be ready to play and make the most of it.”