Profar has mixed emotions on trade

Texas Rangers infielder Jurickson Profar was both sad and excited about the trade that sent Ian Kinsler to Detroit for Prince Fielder.

“It’s sad for the team, but also it’s a good chance for me to play every day,” Profar said in an exclusive interview with Amanda Rykoff, a freelance writer who has worked for ESPN.com and is in Curacao writing for The Outside Corner. “Obviously, it’s sad for the team. He was a great guy for us. A leader, a good teammate. It’s a sad loss.”

The trade means that Profar can slide into second base, alongside double-play partner Elvis Andrus. It will allow him to focus on just that one position and avoid moving around a lot like he did in 2013.

Profar was also glad the club gets a power-hitting, left-handed batter in Fielder.

“He’s a good hitter, a power hitter,” Profar said in the report. “I don’t know him or what kind of person he is, but I’ve seen him play and he seems cool.”

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