Rangers don't feel urgency to make moves

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. -- There is no clock in the Texas Rangers suite on an upper floor of the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort.

"It feels like Las Vegas," general manager Jon Daniels said.

As in Vegas, time doesn't matter at this point to the Rangers. They don't hear the ticking of any kind of deadline in their heads, either. For Daniels and his staff, they feel like they're in a position of wanting to add certain things but not feeling like they have to do anything.

"We like our team. We like the foundation we’ve got," Daniels said Wednesday afternoon. "We like our young players coming. We don’t feel any sense of desperation or urgency to make a move or a deal we don’t like. We’ve put ourselves in a position where we can be a little bit picky. We’d prefer to get our business done as soon as we can and move on to other things. But if it develops later or doesn’t develop at all, we still like our club."

Daniels has made it clear he'd like a bat for the lineup. But he doesn't want just any bat and he's not willing to pay any price, either.

"Everyone wants to go to the tree and find a shiny, new present," Daniels said. "You just have to make sure it’s the right thing."

Texas has talked with Nelson Cruz's agent, Adam Katz, a few times at these winter meetings. They'd like Cruz back, but on a shorter-term deal than the slugger wants at this point. Perhaps, down the road, the Rangers may feel the need to inch closer to Cruz's price. Perhaps Cruz will feel the need to inch closer to the Rangers. But right now, with Cruz and Shin-Soo Choo still on the market and the list of teams interested in their services appearing to diminish, they don't have to feel rushed to make a deal.

"If you’re in a position where you need to sign a player, you're in trouble," Daniels said. "It’s not hard to figure it out. You don’t want to be in that spot, and fortunately we’re not."

Understand that it doesn't mean Daniels and his staff are done. I still believe they'll get a hitter at some point soon. But they aren't going to overpay or go way beyond their comfort zone. They don't feel like they have to do that. And they don't feel like they have to fly home from Orlando with one, either.