Chat: J.P. Arencibia talks about engagement

SURPRISE, Ariz. – It seems like when J.P. Arencibia signed with the Texas Rangers this offseason, fans were more interested in his fiancé – Kimberly Perry, lead singer of The Band Perry -- than him.

“That’s no problem,” Arencibia said.

The Rangers’ catcher answered a few questions, many of them are ones he said he answered for fans as they got an autograph or took a picture with him the past few months.

Q: You got engaged Sept. 30, 2013. How did you do it?

JPA: I didn’t want to do it on an off day during the season. I didn’t think that was my idea of a romantic engagement. I wanted to make a good lie so she wouldn’t expect it. I decided to tell her the next day after the season that we had exit physicals and I had to stay back the entire day. She doesn’t understand the business, so I could get away with that. I took the first flight out that day and her family was involved in keeping it hidden. I told her when I was flying that I was in the MRI tubes.

Her house is on a hill and she has a porch and she writes her music there in Greenville (Tenn.) and I thought that would be a good place. There’s an oak tree she’s always loved and the whole setting is special. We had it set up that the family was sitting there and I was going to show up at the bottom of the hill and have her see me and have me walk up. Part of it is they’re a close family and I wanted them there. The other thing is she wanted to wear a certain dress when she got engaged. So they looked at her and told her, ‘Hey, it’s time for you to put that dress on.’ So she went upstairs put it on and I waited and then asked her.

Q: How did you meet?

JPA: I went to a show of hers because I wanted to meet her. I got to meet her and we talked and eventually got back connected. That was spring training of 2012 and we started talking little by little and June that year we were dating.

Q: Lots of folks want to know about the ring. Where did you find it?

JPA: A jeweler in Chicago that Mark Buehrle introduced me to helped me find it. I wanted it to be something that we could pass down at some point and it’s the clearest diamond I’ve ever seen. It’s like 3.3 karats.

Q: She’s on tour and you’re playing baseball for half the year. How tough is that on a relationship?

JPA: I don’t think it’s a challenge. It’s a blessing. It’s awesome for her to have her own life and her to be able to do her own thing and me as well. We both believe that we’re put on this earth for a specific reason. Mine is to be on the baseball field and hers is to be on a stage. Knowing that and knowing how hard we have to work to be where we’re at, the challenge is just being away from the person that is your best friend. But we understand what each other has to do.

Q: Can you relate at all to how she writes music?

JPA: No. I think everyone is given gifts. For me it’s playing baseball. For her, she can think of lyrics and melodies in her head and put them on paper and write “If I Die Young” by herself. That song impacted a lot of people and is one of the biggest songs in the world. There’s a creative area she goes to that I can never even fathom. It’s special to sit there and watch them when they’re writing music as a family and how they can go from nothing to writing a masterpiece.

Q: What’s your favorite The Band Perry song?

JPA: I’ve always been a music fan and country music is a great genre because the songs have a story behind them. They reach fans that way with lyrics that mean something. They have impactful storytelling and influence. I love all of them. She wrote a song that talks about us in the last album called “I Saw a Light,’ so that’s pretty special obviously for me knowing that was written with me in mind. It’s pretty cool when you have a CD and you can enjoy all the songs.