Hey Russell, take Ron Washington's offer

SURPRISE, Ariz. -- Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson won't be facing any 95 mph fastballs on Monday against the Cleveland Indians. There's no reason for Wilson or the Rangers to put the Super Bowl-winning signal-caller in harm's way.

But Rangers manager Ron Washington made an even better offer to Wilson on Thursday: a chance for a one-on-one infield tutorial.

Just ask Prince Fielder and Adam Rosales about the benefits of that. Yes, I know Wilson isn't going to be suiting up in a big league game anytime soon (and probably never). But Wilson talked about how much he missed the game and his desire to at least be around it again. There's no better way to do that than to spend 20 minutes or so with one of the best teachers in the game.

The Rangers are hoping the 25-year-old Wilson provides some motivation and wisdom for their young players. They want them to hear about his commitment and mental preparation. But Wilson has a chance to learn a little something, too.

Not only would Washington make Wilson a better infielder -- yes, he can do that on a back field in Surprise for a half-hour -- but the lessons learned can't hurt him on a football field. He'll be working on footwork and hand-eye coordination. And maybe more important, he'll get a chance to see how Washington goes about teaching and motivating players. Perhaps that's something Wilson can take back to an NFL huddle with him.

You've now got an invitation for a lesson you aren't likely to forget, Russell. I'd jump on it if I were you.