Saltalamacchia pokes fun at Ian Kinsler, Sox

New Miami Marlins catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia’s comments about the Boston Red Sox, his former team, sounded familiar Thursday. But there was nothing serious about them.

“I hope they go 0-162,” Saltalamacchia told reporters during spring training yesterday. “Now they're all sleazeballs."

Saltalamacchia, of course, was joking and had a smile on his face as he said it.

The comments were taken from the ESPN The Magazine story on Detroit Tigers second baseman Ian Kinsler, who made the statements in regards to the Texas Rangers and general manager Jon Daniels in a story published earlier this week.

Kinsler said he hoped the Rangers went “0-162” and called Daniels a “sleazeball,” blaming him for pushing Hall of Famer Nolan Ryan out of the organization. Kinsler has said the comments were “taken a little bit out of context,” but that he had no plans to reach out to Daniels.

Saltalamacchia, who signed a three-year, $21 million deal with the Marlins this offseason, is a former teammate of Kinsler’s as the catcher came over to the Rangers as part of the Mark Teixeira deal at the trade deadline in 2007.

Saltalamacchia was part of the world champion Red Sox last year and is close to many of his former teammates there.