Rangers win their first replay challenge

ARLINGTON, Texas -- The first review of the season for the Texas Rangers occurred in the sixth inning of Tuesday's game, and they won it.

Ben Revere wandered off second base and Martin Perez made a quick pickoff move to second base that was caught by Donnie Murphy, who applied the tag on the back of Revere. The umpires on the field called Revere safe.

Ron Washington slowly walked to second to give the club -- assistant advance scout Joey Prebynski specifically -- a chance to look at a variety of angles. It took two minutes, 18 seconds for umpires in the command center in New York to overturn the call. Washington glanced in the dugout and saw bench coach Tim Bogar give him the sign to challenge. He did and it helped the Rangers in a 3-2 victory over the Phillies.

The Rangers contemplated a challenge earlier in the inning on a fielder's choice bunt that got Cesar Hernandez from second to third. But replays showed the call was right and Washington did not end up challenging.

The mechanics were there, though. Washington has the slow walk down and all parts of the staff were quick about making a decision. They made the right one both times.

It means the manager is now 1-for-1 on challenges in 2014.