Prince Fielder not worried about slow start

ARLINGTON, Texas -- If Texas Rangers first baseman Prince Fielder is concerned about his first few weeks with his new team, he's doing a good job of hiding it.

Fielder sat at his locker before Tuesday's game and discussed his season, which includes just nine hits -- and three extra-base hits (all doubles) -- in 51 at-bats, a .176 average. He has three RBIs, the same number as Robinson Chirinos and Mitch Moreland, and a .263 on-base percentage, one of the lowest on the team.

There's no pattern to Fielder's career when it comes to starts. He's started fast in certain years and slow in others. The longest he's gone in his career to start a season without a home run is 14 games (he hit home runs in his 15th game in 2008 and 2010).

"One should be coming soon then," said Fielder, who will play his 14th game tonight.

Teams are employing the shift against Fielder, expecting him to pull the ball. So what does he do about the shift?

"Nothing," Fielder said. "If I could put a GPS on the bat, I would. But I can't do that. I feel like that's what they want me to do [is hit the ball the other way]. If the ball is pitched in a certain area, I can try to hit it over there.

"But I can't go up there trying to manipulate the ball to the left side of the field because that would be taking away my strength, which is trying to drive the ball. At times, you can try to do it. If I go up there trying to hit a chopper to short because nobody's over there, probably goes right back to the pitcher anyway."

Perhaps a couple of fortunate hits Monday can get him going. He had a bloop double down the left-field line and a single after hitting a ball up the third-base line off the end of his bat. Fielder said he's not pressing, even with Adrian Beltre on the disabled list, and seemed very relaxed as he talked about staying with his plan.

"I can't afford it to be in my head," Fielder said. "I play every day, so I have to play the next day. If it's still in my head from the day before, I'm no good to my team."