Durrett on baseball, sons and fathers

Richard Durrett Scott Clarke / ESPN Images

In July 2011, 39-year-old Rangers fan Shannon Stone was enjoying a Rangers home game with his then-6-year-old son, Cooper, when he tried to catch a foul ball flipped to him by Josh Hamilton, Cooper's favorite player. He fell over the left-field railing about 20 feet and died from injuries suffered in the fall.

Richard Durrett, who died suddenly Tuesday and had two young children of his own, wrote of the tragic accident, "I couldn't get my own son out of my mind":

I checked on mine when I got home, even though it was after midnight. I gave him a hug and managed not to wake him. And when he got up, as always, he wanted to go outside and throw the ball.

I've been thinking about Shannon Stone's little boy all day today. I've also thought about his dad, especially after some of his firefighters told me what a great father he was and how much he loved hanging out with his son.

Durrett's piece can be found here.