Yankees grounds crew struggles in rain

NEW YORK -- The Yankee Stadium grounds crew struggled to get the tarp on the field in a hard rain storm in the bottom of the fifth inning of the Yankees-Rangers game Wednesday night.

After loud thunder was heard over the stadium several times, it started raining quickly and hard. The grounds crew struggled to pull the tarp over the infield and it took 13 minutes for it to cover the infield.

The infield was a mess, and it resembled a look for a football game than a baseball contest.

Fans gave a mock cheer as the tarp was finally placed over the field but at that point the rain was not coming down in buckets, but just steady.

Once the tarp was down, it stopped raining five minutes later and the grounds crew took the tarp off with the objective of fixing a muddy infield.

The Rangers trail the Yankees, 2-1.

Brett Gardner's solo shot on Yu Darvish is the difference in the game.