Andrus (0-for-15) will face Sale

CHICAGO -- There is no shame in struggling against Chicago White Sox pitcher Chris Sale, although not too many players have a worse time against the left-hander than the Texas RangersElvis Andrus.

Despite an 0-for-15 career mark against Sale, the Rangers’ shortstop will be in the lineup Wednesday afternoon. Texas manager Ron Washington is well aware of the numbers, but won’t change his shortstop against Sale in the finale of a three-game series at U.S. Cellular Field.

“So, I look at that and I can't afford to pull Elvis out the lineup,” Washington said Tuesday. “He's 0-for-15 and now it's Elvis' turn to get Sale. It's his turn to get Sale. And if he don't, then he'll be 0-for-f---ing-19. But I ain't pulling him out. I figure the odds got to be in Elvis' favor.”

Washington was far from finished on the subject.

“Ol' Sale gotta leave something for Elvis to put in play to get a base hit off,” Washington said. “If not, then he certainly will be one of those guys that will go down in history that Elvis never got a hit off of. I'm not removing him. I know he's 0-for-15. I'm not removing him and I think he's got 0-for-15 with five K's.”

Hey, it’s not all negative. Andrus does have a walk against Sale.

Bad numbers against Sale actually put you in good company. Among others who struggle against the Cy Young Award candidate are Mike Napoli (1-for-11), Michael Brantley (2-for-19), Albert Pujols (1-for-12) and Austin Jackson (2-for-30).