Daniels and Young discuss offseason issues

SURPRISE, Ariz. -- Rangers general manager Jon Daniels met with Michael Young a couple of times recently in camp to discuss the issues that have come between them this offseason. Daniels said the talks were "productive." Young is on the field warming up, so we'll see if we can talk to him later.

"I think in talking with Michael there were a lot of little things over the winter that were, just that, little things, but when looked at through one lens or another took on very different meaning," Daniels said. "I regret there wasn't better communication through that procees where we could have avoided some of those misunderstandings. He was upset about certain things along the way that could have been handled differently."

Daniels didn't want to go into specifics. But he added that he felt Young took some unfair criticism.

"It created a situation that fans, media, other people withint the organization were almost taking sides when it never should have been that way," Daniels said. "We both want the same thing, which is for the Rangers to win. Through that process, I think Michael took a lot of shots that from our perspective weren't necessary. There were questions about him that were really a result of decisions we had made. I feel very good about decisions we made as an organization. We like the way the club sets up, but hate the way it played out, especially with some of the borderline personal shots that Michael took. ...I take my share of the responsibility for that."