Ron Washington plans to use full AL roster

ARLINGTON, Texas -- American League All-Star manager Ron Washington said he doesn't plan on playing his starters longer or managing the game like it's a win-at-all-costs event from the opening pitch. He will try to use his entire roster and hope that he can get a lead late and do what he has to do to keep it.

"It's the All-Star Game, and I want to play everybody like I did last year," Washington said. "They're All-Stars, I should be able to win with all of them. I should have more of them available. But my thing is they're in the All-Star Game and I certainly want to get everyone that's in that All-Star Game in the game."

But Washington will do what's necessary in the late innings to see if he can get his team a victory.

"If we get into the seventh and eighth inning with a lead, I'm going to try to win," Washington said. "But for the first five or six innings, let them play."

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