Boomstick gets a brother: The Great Bratbino

ARLINGTON, Texas – One gut-buster apparently isn’t enough for Rangers Ballpark in Arlington.

The Boomstick, the loaded, two-foot, one-pound hot dog introduced this season, has been a big enough success for a spinoff to be created. Beware, The Great Bratbino is coming soon.

Delaware North Companies Sportservice, the food, beverage and retail partner of the Rangers, announced that the king-sized bratwurst will be sold beginning with the team’s next homestand. It’s a two-foot, one-pound bratwurst that will come standard with sauerkraut and can be topped with chili, nacho cheese, grilled onions and jalapenos, much like The Boomstick.

The $26 Boomstick, by the way, is now being offered as part of a combo meal with two one-liter bottles of Coca-Cola at Section 42 in the ballpark.

The Boomstick was named in honor of Nelson Cruz, or his bat, at least. The Great Bratbino is meant to be a tip of the cap to Josh Hamilton, aka the Hambino.