Olney: Jason Kubel a fit for Rangers?

ESPN.com's Buster Olney runs down his list of candidates for Jason Kubel, the most likely outfielder (he's more like a DH) to get dealt by the Diamondbacks now that they have a surplus. Here's part of what Olney writes about the Rangers' fit (he ranks them sixth on his list) on Kubel (to read the rest, you need to be an insider):

They need left-handed hitting, too, and they lack power in the aftermath of Josh Hamilton's departure. But Kubel is an imperfect fit for the Rangers as well, because they prefer to keep their DH spot flexible and have a lot of day-to-day candidates.

That list could be plenty long depending on what happens this offseason. If Ian Kinsler moves to first base, Mitch Moreland could get some DH chances. A.J. Pierzynski could DH on days he doesn't catch. What about Nelson Cruz or David Murphy at times?

The Rangers value flexibility and Kubel may not offer enough of it to make complete sense. But he is a left-handed hitter and had 30 homers and 90 RBIs in 2012. Arizona is looking to deal an outfielder and Kubel may be the most logical one to go unless they are blown out of the water for Justin Upton. I tend to agree with Olney here. Kubel just isn't a perfect fit. I'd rather see the club stick with the internal options. As we've discussed, Upton is another story. He's young, under club control for a while. But the price to get him may be too high.

BTW, Olney believes that the Tampa Bay Rays, in need of a DH, make the most sense. Read more here (insider).