Cuban: Rangers in good hands with Jon Daniels

DALLAS -- Mavericks owner Mark Cuban knows a bit about messy sports divorces.

He has been through a couple with Don Nelson and Avery Johnson. In both cases, the Mavs reached greater heights after the bitter breakups.

Cuban, who bid against Nolan Ryan’s group when the bankrupt Texas Rangers were being auctioned, doesn’t know the details of the Nolan Ryan-Jon Daniels relationship. As a result, Cuban was cautious with his comments on the situation, but he did offer a vote of confidence in Daniels’ ability to run a ballclub.

"All I can say is Jon Daniels is smart, and Jon Daniels isn't out for Jon Daniels," Cuban said. "I talked to Jon a few times, and the sense I always get is that he's dedicated, he's focused, he's committed, and it's not ego driven.

"He just wants to win, and I think if you've got somebody like that, then he'll adjust to do whatever is best for the organization. I'm sure he's upset that Nolan's leaving, too. But again, I don't know any of the specifics. But I'm a Rangers fan, and I think they're in good hands with Jon."