Ron Washington set to give speech today

ST. LOUIS -- Rangers manager Ron Washington said he plans on talking to his team for five minutes prior to batting practice today. He said it won't be a "rah-rah" message.

"It's just matter-of-fact," Washington said. "This is what we play for all year. The prize is still within reach and we've bounced back from tough defeats before and last night was a tough one. I expect us to bounce back. Let's still have fun, still play our game, still do what we do. Let's not change a thing."

Washington talked briefly to his team after Game 6, telling them essentially to keep their heads up and get ready for Game 7. He says he won't talk long tonight and then it's up to his team.

Washington was asked if Game 6 was one of the greatest played in the World Series and he agreed.

"It was a very exciting game," Washington said. "It was a lot of highs and lows. But what people got to see is two champions going after it. They don't quit, we don't quit. They got the final blow. They were fighting for their lives and they survived. We were fighting to win the championship. We didn't get it done. But it's a seven-game series and now we play the seventh game."