Rangers react to Steinbrenner's death

ANAHIEM, Calif. -- The Ranger All-Stars didn't no George Steinbrenner personally, but they knew how important he was to the game. Here are some of their thoughts:

Rangers GM Jon Daniels: "I never had the chance to meet Mr. Steinbrenner, but growing up in NY, he was the Yankees. People had their opinions of him, but the bottom line is, he stepped up and delivered on what he talked about. You can’t say that about everyone. The franchise and the city is better for it."

OF Josh Hamilton: "He had a huge impact on the game. You hear mixed reports about George if you didn’t know him, but overall, everything I’ve heard as far as ownership-wise is that he’s a competitior, he want to wins. He was important to the game of baseall and hopefully his son will carry that on."

2B Ian Kinsler: "Anytime someone that did as much for an organization, the fan base and the game as he did, it’s always tough to lose someone like that. I think everybody in baseball feels that and recognizes that. I didn’t know the man. But it’s tough to lose someone close to baseball."