Drill of the day: Catcher's footwork

SURPRISE, Ariz. -- On a quiet back field at Surprise Recreation Campus on Sunday morning, a handful of Rangers catchers were working on their footwork with roving catching instructor Hector Ortiz.

The group included Mike Napoli and Yorvit Torrealba, but only a few fans were watching them work (just about everyone else was busy checking out Yu Darvish's PFP). Former Rangers catcher Jim Sundberg was also there, offering advice and seeing how the catchers performed.

"This is like a bullpen for the catchers," Sundberg said. "They're going about 80 percent like the pitchers are. It's a matter of getting in a rhythm."

The catchers worked specifically on two-step throws to second and then throws to third while a right-handed batter stood in at home.

"The throw to second is about quickness and strength," Sundberg said. "The throw to third is more quickness and getting clear of the batter. The throws are kind of like bat speed. You can work to improve your speed, but some guys are better than others just naturally."

The idea is to keep drilling it so that it's a reminder of proper mechanics on the footwork and so it becomes second nature and something the catchers aren't constantly clouding their minds with, either.

Napoli did all of the throws like everyone else and the injured ankle appeared to react just fine.