Injury report: Monitoring Mike Napoli, Mitch Moreland

The Rangers provided some updates on players who had offseason procedures:

Mike Adams: Inguinal Hernia repair on Jan. 3, by Dr. Aronoff in Dallas.

* Status: Typical recovery is 4-6 weeks -- He is long tossing and on schedule.

Josh Hamilton: Sports Hernia repair first week of November, 2011 by Dr. Myers in Philadelphia.

* Status: Full go.

Mitch Moreland: Right wrist surgery on Dec. 1, 2011 by Dr. Graham in Cleveland.

* Status: Eight week normal recovery, will monitor Moreland at the outset of camp, but he is on schedule.

Mike Napoli: Rehabbed ankle all offseason.

* Status: Will monitor Napoli at the outset of camp.

Mitch Stetter: Left hip surgery in August, 2011.

* Status: Full go.

Brad Hawpe: Tommy John surgery in August, 2011.

* Status: Full go to swing and play 1B. Still building up arm strength.

Ian Kinsler: Platelet-rich plasma injection a week after the season to seperate a ligament from the bone in his right ankle.

* Status: Full go.