Adrian Beltre misses out on Gold Glove award at third base

Third baseman Adrian Beltre was the lone Texas Rangers player who was a finalist for a Gold Glove award given on Tuesday night, but he fell short.

Seattle's Kyle Seager won the Gold Glove at third base with a strong season after committing only eight errors.

It doesn't mean Beltre didn't have a fine season. The four-time Gold Glove winner was 11th among third baseman with 1,711 1/3 innings played and eighth with 363 chances, his most in the last three seasons.

If you compare Beltre to Oakland's Josh Donaldson, one of three finalists, and Seager, he came up short in some of the sabermetrics areas of the position.

Donaldson led third baseman with a 20 DRS, which is Defensive Runs Saved, a formula created by the Fielding Bible, which incidentally gave Donaldson its Gold Glove award.

Seager had a 10 DRS, sixth among third baseman and Beltre was given a 9, seventh overall at his position.

There were 18 players who played at least 1,000 innings at third base this season and Donaldson led them with a 3.13 RF/9 (Range Factor per 9 innings). Beltre was second with a 2.9 RF/9.

During the season, Beltre still displayed a strong arm and great range. He had two stretches, 36 games with 98 chances, and 25 games with 65 chances, between errors.

Rangers' fans probably were down on Donaldson considering he had 23 total errors, two against the Rangers while Seager had none against Texas.

Beltre, who last won the Gold Glove in 2012, was the standard in terms of playing the position but after such a poor 2014 season from his club, voters looked elsewhere at the position.