Darren O'Day gives up 2nd HR to 1st batter

ARLINGTON, Texas -- After Darren O'Day got Buster Posey to ground out in Game 3, the Texas Rangers' reliever acknowleged that the San Francisco Giants' rookie catcher is a pretty darn good hitter and that he'll surely face him again.

For O'Day, Game 4 turned out to be sooner than he would have liked.

O'Day replaced Darren Oliver specifically to pitch to the right-handed-hitting Posey. The youngster battled O'Day for seven pitches, fouling off three, but the seventh landed on Green's Hill in dead center to give the Giants an insurmountable 4-0 lead.

"We threw him everything. We mixed it good," Molina said. "We had a good sequence. He just missed with the ball kind of middle-up and he [Posey] took advantage of it."

Said O'Day: He fouled off a lot of good pitches, you've got to give him credit for that and battled me and waited for his pitch. He got it up in the air and it got out of here. [The pitch] was away, it was just a little up."

In two of O'Day's four relief appearances, he's surrendered a home run to the first batter he faced. After relieving Cliff Lee in Game 1, Juan Uribe jacked a three-run shot to turn a 5-2 deficit into 8-2 in the fifth inning. In Sunday's Game 4, the Giants already led 3-0 behind a sensational pitching effort from lefty Madison Bumgarner.

O'Day, who has a 13.50 ERA in the World Series, said that fact doesn't faze him.

"I've been coming in most of the year and facing tough guys the first at-bat and I've been fine," O'Day said. "That was more him [Posey] putting a great at-bat on me. You've got to give him credit for sure."