Rangers reduce ticket prices on many seats

Texas Rangers fans won't be paying quite as much to see the club in 2014 as they did in 2013. The club announced individual ticket pricing for the upcoming season Thursday and reduced prices from where they were last year on 94 percent of the seats at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. Individual tickets, except for Opening Day, go on sale at 9 a.m. Saturday, March 1 online (texasrangers.com), by phone (972-RANGERS) and at the First Base Box Office.

Prices were reduced on more than 34,000, with decreases between four and 19 percent. The number of premier games dropped from 36 to 28 in 2014.

"We've got to be affordable and with 81 games, 48,000 seats, we have a lot of capacity," said Rob Matwick, executive VP of ballpark operations. "Like any baseball team, season tickets are first and foremost. You make your living by building that season-ticket base. We also want to try to be affordable for families and have price points for everyone."

Dynamic ticket pricing is back for both non-premier and premier games. The Rangers will use Qcue software to set and adjust ticket prices higher or lower for each game based on market demand and a variety of factors, including opponent, weather, team performance, day of the week and starting pitching matchups. Last year, this was used only in the Upper Reserved and Batters Eye Club, but you'll now see it on all individual seats in 2014. More than half of the big league teams use this kind of system.

Matwick said the club takes the information it's given by Qcue and decides whether to move the prices. It does mean they can go up or down. But the prices below will be on the ones in effect when tickets go on sale March 1.

"If you want to go to see the Yankees or Red Sox, buy those tickets now," Matwick said.

Matwick said the club in in the "upper teens" on season-ticket sales and had more than 20,000 last year. That's a figure Matwick believes the club will achieve again this season.

The ticket prices:

Lower Infield: $73 gate, $81 premier ($78/$88 last year)

Lexus Club Box: $67 gate, $74 premier ($72/$81 last year)

Lower Box: $64 gate, $71 premier ($70/$79 last year)

Corner Box: $46 gate, $51 premier ($56/$63 last year)

All You Can Eat Porch: $48 gate, $51 premier ($51/$58 last year)

Lower Reserved: $34 gate, $37 premier ($35/$40 last year)

Outfield Plaza: $34 gate, $37 premier ($35/$40 last year)

Lexus Club Terrace: $29 gate, $33 premier ($32/$36 last year)

Upper Box: $24 gate, $26 premier ($24/$27 last year)

Upper Reserved: $17/*$6 gate, $19/*$6 premier ($19/$6, $22/$6 last year)

Grandstand Reserved: $13/*$3 gate, $14/*$3 premier ($11/$3, $13/$3 last year)

* Children 13 and under

Note: Game prices go up from $1 to $5 for adults on game day.

Here's the list of premier games in 2014:

March 31, April 1: vs. Philadelphia

April 12: vs. Houston

May 9-11: vs. Boston

May 17: vs. Seattle

June 7: vs. Cleveland

June 25: vs. Detroit

June 28: vs. Minnesota

July 11-13: vs. Los Angeles Angels

July 26: vs. Oakland

July 28-30: vs. New York Yankees

Aug. 15-16: vs. Los Angeles Angels

Aug. 23: vs. Kansas City

Sept. 6: vs. Seattle

Sept. 9-10: vs. Los Angeles Angels

Sept. 12-14: vs. Atlanta

Sept. 26-27: vs. Oakland

The Rangers do have some discounts on individual game tickets, listed from the club's release:

FAN FEST TICKET SPECIAL: Fans can save more than 50% and purchase $8 Upper Reserved tickets or $15 Lexus Club Terrace tickets for select August home games during Texas Rangers Fan Fest. Offer is available online January 25 at 9:00 am through midnight at texasrangers.com/fanfest, or at the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington box office during Fan Fest hours.

OZARKA ONLINE TICKET TUESDAY: Tickets for most Tuesday home games are half price in Upper Reserved, Upper Box, Lexus Club Terrace, and Lower Reserved when purchased online at texasrangers.com/specials. Offer is not valid for April 1, July 28, and September 9. Offer subject to availability and cannot be combined with any other offer. Limit 12.

FIREWORKS FRIDAYS: Fans may purchase $15 Upper Reserved tickets for Friday night home games on April 18, May 16, June 6, July 25, August 15, and September 5 and 26. Offer is available on texasrangers.com with coupon code FIREWORKS. Limit 12. Offer is subject to availability and cannot be combined with any other offer.

Other ticket discounts will be announced as they are finalized for 2014. For a list of updated ticket discounts during the season, fans can go to texasrangers.com/specials.