Rangers report doesn't faze Alex Rios

CHICAGO – With rumors starting to circulate Wednesday that the Texas Rangers are making a strong play to acquire Chicago White Sox outfielder Alex Rios, the veteran is taking things in stride.

He’s ignoring the constant updates about his status the best he can, but knows life will be much simpler once the July 31 deadline comes and goes.

“Yeah, it gets old,” Rios said. “When that date is arriving you get a little anxious to see what your fate is going to be. Hopefully after July 31 it is going to be normal.”

The only way Rios says he hears about teams that are interested is when the media in the clubhouse brings up the subject. On Wednesday he was told about the Rangers’ interest.

“I’m not thinking about that,” Rios said. “I’ve always said you can’t control it and I will land wherever they want me to land. There is not much I can do.”

Not thinking about trades and not letting them affect you are two entirely different departments. Since Rios started to be mentioned as possible trade bait way back in June, his performance seems to have suffered.

On June 22, Rios was batting .283 with a .340 on-base percentage and 473 slugging percentage in 71 games. In the 23 games since then, Rios has a .258/.295/.348 line that has been helped by seven hits (two for extra bases) over his last five games.

The Rangers apparently have noticed the recent resurgence.

“It’s a good thing when people want you to be part of a good thing, but at the same time you have mixed feelings,” Rios said. “You have spent so much time in an organization, you know pretty much everybody and you have to start over in another place. It’s tough. But it is what it is.”

At least publicly Rios isn’t saying if he thinks he will stay with the White Sox through the deadline or be moved in the upcoming days.

“I just have no idea what will happen,” he said. “Hopefully it’s for the good of both sides. Whatever happens, happens.”