Cowboys' Andy Jones couldn't say no to Tony Romo's request

FRISCO, Texas -- Having already finished one workout at The Star and about to start another on Tuesday, rookie wide receiver Andy Jones was greeted with a change of plans on what is the Dallas Cowboys' normal off day.

Tony Romo asked him to run some routes.

For roughly 30 minutes, Romo, in shoulder pads, threw passes to Jones, an undrafted free agent.

“He looked real good,” Jones said. “The ball is coming in with some zip, right on the money. I really didn’t see no drop-off, honestly. He looks real good back there, just like he always does.”

Jones ran a series of different routes, from comebacks to out routes. Romo had him convert to different routes based on coverage.

“He was kind of letting the game play through his head,” Jones said.

Jones is already a meticulous worker. He will run routes by himself after practices without the benefit of a quarterback. He was about to go through a drill in which he worked on breaking press coverage when Romo asked him to play catch.

“It helps me because if I know what he’s thinking it’ll definitely help me as a receiver to understand coverages and understand what’s going on,” Jones said.

Jones was not about to say no to Romo.

“Never,” Jones said. “That’s a free workout. I’ll take advantage of that.”