Marty B's Bin Laden video a bad idea

For the second consecutive summer, Martellus Bennett posted a politically incorrect video on YouTube.

Bennett's latest video blunder is footage of him wearing a fake beard while doing a nonsensical Osama Bin Laden impersonation.

"Y'all been looking for me?" the tight end hollers while clowning around in a tattoo shop. "I'm making bombs!"

The timing makes the video, which is far from a patriotic tribute, even more unfortunate. It was posted on the Fourth of July.

Bennett was heavily criticized for the "Black Olympics" last summer, when he and his brother Michael mocked a racial stereotype by making races out of eating fried chicken and watermelon and drinking Kool-Aid.

The backlash from that video didn't bother Bennett, who basically shrugged his shoulders and said he was just kidding around.

The Cowboys fined Bennett a game check for another YouTube video from last year, which featured him profanely rapping while wearing a Cowboys helmet.

Bennett means no harm, but the videos aren't funny or in his best interests.

Why provide further evidence for folks who perceive him to be an immature player who doesn't get it and couldn't care less?

UPDATE: Bennett removed the video from YouTube this evening.