Kidd will pass on 3-point contest

DALLAS – The Mavericks’ most effective 3-point shooter has no interest in participating in the All-Star Weekend long-distance shooting contest.

"I’ll be in Arizona tuning in," Jason Kidd said. "I’ll watch it."

Kidd, a nine-time All-Star, acknowledged that it’d make a good story if he were part of the Three-Point Contest on his home floor. After all, his poor shooting ability was the knock on Kidd for years. He’s developed into an excellent spot-up 3-point shooter. He’s shooting better than 40 percent from 3-point range for the second consecutive season, but the 36-year-old Kidd would much rather have a long weekend of rest and relaxation than stick around Dallas during the break.

"It would be an honor just to be mentioned. An honorable mention," Kidd said with a smile.

The Mavericks, as ESPNDallas.com’s Jeff Caplan reported, are lobbying for Jason Terry to get an invitation to the contest. Kidd hopes to watch his backcourt partner from the couch.