Cuban: Mavs are bored

Mark Cuban, who skipped the trip to Utah, has an explanation for the Dallas Mavericks' month-long run of mediocrity.

"I think [it's] just time of year where guys get bored," Cuban told CBS 11's Gina Miller during a Monday evening interview. "They gotta get re-energized. I think we've taken who we are for granted in some respects and that we can turn it on and just beat people."

If the players are bored, imagine how the fans who pay to watch them feel.

Maybe the Mavs just aren't that good. This team did a lot of winning ugly early in the season. This is a 30-18 team that hasn't put together a really impressive stretch of games yet this season.

The Mavs continue to aggressively explore the trade market. Perhaps a blockbuster deal can provide this team the energy -- and talent -- it needs to contend.