More indications Marion headed to bench

The Dallas Mavericks want the explosive Roddy Beaubois to be their starting shooting guard for obvious reasons. But, perhaps topping the list is the ability to then slide Caron Butler over to his more natural small forward position.

Last week on Galloway & Co., on ESPN 103.3 FM, Mavs coach Rick Carlisle broached the idea of starting Beaubois, which naturally would move Butler over and land Shawn Marion, whose playing time was slashed in the playoffs, in a reserve role. Marion joined the show later and when he was asked about coming off the bench, he didn't sound exactly thrilled with the prospect.

However, more and more it appears the Mavs' thinking is headed in that direction.

"Those are discussions that will probably be settled out in training camp," Mavs president of basketball operations Donnie Nelson said on Tuesday. "But, I think, yes, the natural progression is really like – just like Jet [Jason Terry] has been a real nice punch for us off the bench -- I think you've got Shawn, you've got Tyson Chandler, those guys really are starters, so it gives us some real nice depth."

Beaubois first must prove he can be a starter in this league. His first three games at Summer League in Las Vegas have been inconsistent as he works to become a better point guard. If Carlisle does transform Beaubois from rookie bench-warmer to second-year starter, Carlisle will have to figure out how to soothe Marion, a player used to being a starter in this league, and whose hard-to-move contract means he'll be around here for a while.

When the Mavs aimed to reduce Jerry Stackhouse's minutes two seasons ago, well, we all know how that ended up. Not good.