What happened to Ortiz-Florentino II?

Jacob Ortiz (right) beat Will Florentino by decision at SWC 9, but a rematch has yet to materialize. Andrew Plante for ESPNDallas.com

The showdown between Will Florentino and Jacob "Kobe" Ortiz back at SWC 9 in late 2009 was on my top 10 list of best MMA fights for 2009. Without a doubt, it was one of the best battles I've seen live in the state of Texas. It compares in greatness to the WEC skirmish between Ben Henderson and Donald Cerrone in San Antonio.

Almost immediately after the razor-thin decision went to Ortiz, the MMA community began looking for a part two of this confrontation.

Initially the organization proclaimed that it was seeking to showcase that rematch at SWC 10 in April, but it soon realized that at least one of the fighters had other plans before stepping back into the cage for the sequel.

Davis Sylvester, CEO of the SWC, was quoted as saying, "Ortiz is not ready to fight Florentino at this time." Sylvester indicated that Florentino will instead fight former TUF 9 cast member Frank Lester.

Ortiz clarified Sylvester's comment.

"My goal is to grow as an MMA fighter," Ortiz said. "And fighting Will two times in a row will not help me further my potential. I'd like to give him that rematch, but I have decided to get one or two more fights in before Furious Florentino and Kobe the Stunna go to war again.

"I will tell you this much: When you see this fight going down, I'm going to be stronger and bigger then an NFL linebacker. Furious will have no chance in defending my takedowns. It's just not possible. The crowd will be begging for Will to tap out. I know he won't though, because he has tons of heart."

When asked what he thought about Florentino calling him out publicly at a recent SWC show, Ortiz replied, "Will's got to be on medication (for) calling out The Stunna."

Obviously, Florentino has an entirely different view of the situation. The fight that he barely lost is something that he can't quite get out of his head.

"I haven't moved on," Florentino said. "I used to believe he beat me fair and square, but after a month or so I had a chance to see the video of the original fight and noticed three illegal knees that he initiated while I was down. That's how I got this large cut on my forehead.

"I'm normally a peaceful person outside of the cage, but if calling him out is what I've got to do, then I got to do what I have to do to get him back in the cage."

At a minimum, it looks like both fighters are willing to return to the cage to resolve their issues, which is excellent news for fans. We're just going to have to exercise a little patience until they finally throw down, which I'm hoping will be this summer. I've even got the perfect name for the event: Florentino vs Ortiz II: Unfinished Business.