Daniel Pineda eagerly awaits rematch

Houston-based mixed martial artist Daniel Pineda is one of several Texas-based fighters to make their way on to the fight card for Bellator 19 in Grand Prairie on May 20. Although not from the area, Pineda should be a very familiar face to local MMA fans. He’s fought for Supreme Warrior Championship on four separate occasions, most recently at SWC 9 where he beat fellow Bellator 19 participant Douglas Frey. Frey is a teammate of Chas Skelly, Pineda’s Bellator opponent.

Despite being a professional fighter with an outstanding record, which includes winning the featherweight belt for Katana Cagefighting, he doesn’t shy away from the fact that he started his MMA career at the school of hard knocks.

“I am a brawler,” Pineda states. “I went from fighting in the streets, to the wrestling mats and to the cage.”

The Houston fighter is looking for redemption on two levels at his upcoming fight. Pineda was invited last year to participate on a Bellator card, but lost to Roberto Vargas via decision. And more recently he lost to Chas Skelly via submission at SWC 8. A win next week, will certainly diminish the effect of those two set backs.

“I fought for [Bellator] last May and lost a decision to Vargas,” Pineda mentions. “However, we received fight of the night honors. I look forward to getting a win in such a great show and hopefully move forward with my career.”

As for Pineda’s take on Skelly’s recent interview with ESPNDallas.com, he makes things perfectly clear. He’s not happy!

“I am looking forward to the rematch,” Pineda said. “I lost to him once before and I am very eager to redeem myself. I read the interview he did [recently] and I have some things I have to say. Skelly made the comment that I have been talking trash, and I would like to clear the air ... I have never talked trash about any opponent and I never will. I respect Skelly and everyone who steps in the cage. He also referred to me as a stepping stone. I am nobody's stepping stone. I will not talk trash but now I am pissed, and that's not good for Skelly.”

Pineda represents 4oz Fighter, a fight team in the Houston area. This gym probably doesn’t ring a bell to most fans in the metroplex, but I can guarantee that if you have been to a recent SWC show you probably heard them loud and clear. They seem to always bring an entire army of friends and family along with the participating fighters for morale support. At times, the fans are so boisterous they drown out any chants for the opposing fighter in the match. Although, the Verizon Theatre is significantly larger than the Frisco Convention Center, I’m sure 4 oz. fans will make their presence known.

With the full support of his fight team in his corner, Pineda doesn’t mince words when discussing his strategy for his matchup.

“I am going to knock him out,” Pineda says. “Skelly says he is a better boxer then me. Let's see him prove it. Let's keep this standing, Skelly.”

When asked to comment on Chas Skelly’s prediction for their fight, Pineda was in total agreement. Sort of ...

“Skelly predicts an early finish, and he's right,” Pineda says. “Except, I will be the one doing the finishing.”