Joe 'Jitsu' is well-rounded in MMA

If there was an official ranking system for the best welterweights in the Lone Star State, Joe “Jitsu” Christopher would unquestionably be on the short list. The 33 year-old Dallas-area resident is the two-time welterweight champion for Freestyle Cage Fighting based out of Tulsa, Okla. He’s a high level Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner and is currently a 4th-degree brown belt under Terry Corkran.

Christopher has been selected to face Brandon McDowell at Bellator 19 in Grand Prairie on Thursday. The event will be available via a live broadcast on Fox Sports Net.

This will be the third fight in a row in which Christopher will be fighting for a globally-based MMA promotion. The North Texas fighter’s last two bouts were for Maximum Fighting Championship, out of Canada.

Despite his nickname, Christopher is a well-rounded MMA fighter with a variety disciplines under his belt. In addition to BJJ, Christopher also trains in kung fu, boxing, and Muay Thai.

On top of his very sound technical skills, Joe “Jitsu” is known for pushing the pace at all costs. His level of fitness and conditioning are second to none.

Christopher also has a superb cerebral game to go along with his technical skills and physical shape. Without a doubt, he’s got the MMA trifecta on his side.

Christopher who will be representing, North Texas MMA out of Denton, is very happy to get another shot at national exposure, but this time in front of the home crowd.

“I'm looking forward to fighting for a nationally recognized show, right here in front of my local fans,” Christopher said. “MMA is about getting the opportunity to prove yourself as a fighter and Bellator's tournament style venue gives us that chance.”

Christopher will be facing McDowell, a veteran of 60 MMA bouts. When asked to provide his thoughts about his Bellator matchup, just like his opponent did, Christopher took the high road.

“I will be matched up against another very experienced fighter on May 20 and I'm sure the fans will appreciate the resulting bout,” he said.

Despite the politically correct response from Christopher, fans should know that when he wins, he doesn’t leave it to the judges. All ten of Christopher’s wins were either submissions or knockouts. Fans should absolutely expect those killer instincts to be present Thursday as well.

As far as strategies go, his nickname should provide you with more than just a hint.

“I fight jiu-jitsu and the strategy is simple,” Christopher said. “I will push the pace and force my opponent to react as I look for the finish.”

You can learn a little bit more about Joe “Jitsu” Christopher by going to his website, www.joechristopher.net.