Steel Dragon represents school at Bellator 19

Donyiell “The Steel Dragon” Winrow will be facing Josh Smith at the nationally-televised Bellator 19 this Thursday at Verizon Theatre.

Winrow grew up in Oklahoma and spent time at the University of Oklahoma before calling Dallas-Fort Worth his home. The 33-year-old fighter is part of the Texas Gladiators Fight Team located in Dallas.

He is 1-0 professionally, but hasn’t fought since April 2009.

The 5’10” fighter, who weighs in at 185 pounds, will have to deal with a significant height and reach disadvantage. Smith is 6’5”. Despite the disparity in the tale of the tape, The Steel Dragon is ready for Smith and seems prepared for what he feels will be his opponent’s eventual game plan.

“I think this will be a good matchup for me,” Winrow explains. “Our gym, the Texas Gladiator Academy has a reputation for knocking people out, so I believe that Smith, as a BJJ Purple Belt, will try to take it to the ground as soon as possible.”

“I plan to sprawl and brawl, keep my hands and feet busy and try to end it quickly. On the other hand, if the fight goes to the ground, I have prepared for that as well.”

Texas Gladiators seem to stick to together. It’s a tight knit group of mixed martial artists that are very happy to be able represent their team whenever possible. Donyiell Winrow is no different in that regard.

“I am so proud to represent my school and all of my teammates on a nationally televised event.”

“I believe Bellator is providing a huge opportunity to fighters who may not have otherwise gotten a shot at stardom in MMA. I plan to go out there, put it on the line, and leave it all in the cage.”

You can learn a little bit more about Winrow’s training center by going to dallasjiujitsu.com.