TMS building largest HD video board in world

FORT WORTH – Texas Motor Speedway announced Monday night that the race track has partnered with Panasonic to create what they say is the largest high-definition video board in the world.

The board will be displayed on the backstretch of the track and will be 218 feet long, 94.6 feet wide (nearly the wing span of a 747) and will stretch nearly 12 stories in the air. It’s more than 20,000 square feet.

Once completed – and race officials say it will be in time for the first NASCAR Sprint Cup weekend in April, 2014 – it will be larger than the board at Charlotte Motor Speedway (16,000 square feet) and larger than the one sitting at Reliant Stadium in Houston, which overtook the board at AT&T Stadium in Arlington recently.

The speedway has nicknamed the board “Big Hoss TV,” and officials note that it will be larger than the Lincoln Memorial and nine Alamos could fit inside the screen area. It is 108 tons of HDTV, weighing more than seven elephants.