Jimmie Johnson wins best Chase ever

For every championship won there is a championship lost.

Jimmie Johnson won an unprecedented fifth NASCAR Sprint Cup championship? Only the Celtics, Yankees and Canadiens have won five straight championships in a major professional sport. Johnson joined them. Amazing. This was the best Chase ever. This was the most hard-fought Chase we've ever witnessed. And Johnson is the first driver to go into the finale in second place to win the championship.

Good stuff.

But the sadness for Denny Hamlin and Kevin Harvick has to be heavy. Both came close. Both had a chance to win the championship. Hamlin went into the final race with the point lead.

Both drivers had problems. Hamlin spun early after contact with another car. Harvick got a penalty for speeding on pit road and later spun out Kyle Busch on the front straight. In the end, even a third-place finish by Harvick was not enough to stop Johnson from joining the Celtics, Yankees and Canadiens in the record books.

Johnson even had to overcome problems yet again in the pits. After benching his entire over-the-wall pit crew in the AAA Texas 500 and using Jeff Gordon's pit crew, even the substitute crew had problems in the finale. Johnson had to drive extra hard to win this championship.

Many fans have taken an, "Anybody but Jimmie" position. It may not good for the sport to have one driver win five straight titles. Some are likely to site Johnson's streak of success as a reason to bash the sport.


Jealousy. Envy. Frustration.

If you don't like it, beat him. On the race track. All you have to do is beat him back to the start/finish line.

That's what Johnson just did to your team. Five straight years.