'Honest Eddie' always keeps it unreal

He calls himself a carnival barker, gives guns to race winners and loves pranks. Eddie Gossage and TMS make a wild pair.

Here's an excerpt from Ed Hinton's story:

Those of us who have known Gossage for any time at all -- and I've known him for a good 25 years -- sense that he harbors political ambitions.

"I would never run for office -- I'm too honest," he said. "I'm a race promoter."

Now you talk about a mouthful of irony…

Pressed as to how many politicians deny their ambitions and claim to be political outsiders, right up until they announce their candidacy, Gossage reiterated, "I'm honest! I'm honest!"

Thus my new nickname for him, Honest Eddie.

C'mon. What about governor of Texas?

"I've got higher aspirations in life than that," he said.

What, then? Senator? President of the United States?

"Well, I mean, if the guy running the baseball team across town [former Texas Rangers owner George W. Bush] could become president, why couldn't I?" he said.

"I've got some of his staff that worked over there, and they work for us now. So … you know. … No, I'm just kidding. I shouldn't even joke like that."

Twenty-five years, and still I'm rarely sure when Honest Eddie is joking and when he isn't.

He did issue this disclaimer: "I don't believe anything I say."

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