What Richard Petty, Byron Nelson have in common

FORT WORTH, Texas -- Byron Nelson lived in Roanoke, Texas, not far from Texas Motor Speedway. What does the golf legend known as Lord Byron have in common with Richard Petty? Not much really, except when you look at The King’s records.

On Thursday Petty was honored by the Texas Motorsports Hall of Fame and among his records is a 10-race winning streak. Nelson owns the PGA Tour record with 11 straight wins in 1945.

“Ten in a row, that’s pretty stout,” Ryan Newman said. “That’s getting the job done week in, week out. Without a doubt that to me is the biggest. You look at the number of wins and he’s got the starts to go with that. I don’t mean to knock him and I’m not, but the 10 in a row, that’s tough. And he did it when it was pretty tough racing back in the day.”

Golfers feel the same way about Nelson’s streak even if professional golf then is not what it is now.

Jimmie Johnson has won a record five series championships in a row, so he can relate to Petty and Nelson.

“Winning consecutive championships is such a hard thing to do so at the end of the day that’s what I’m most proud of,” Johnson said. “I couldn’t do it alone … and I think Richard would say the same thing.”