How many points do Stars get on this trip?

The Stars face Pittsburgh at noon today. It's the first of 12 straight games against playoff opponents (at least they are playoff teams right now according to the standings).

Stars coach Marc Crawford said the other day that he thinks it will take 95 points to make the playoffs. They have 68 points with 19 games remaining. That means they need 27 points. It's a tall order. So that requires going something like 13-5-1 (or a combination similar to that).

This road trip is a big one in that if the Stars don't get at least three points or so, they put huge pressure on themselves to win five of six straight home games starting late next week. Remember, these are three games against Eastern Conference opponents (Pittsburgh, Washington and Buffalo), so it doesn't matter if they get points after regulation or not. They just need points, period.

So I'm going to predict three points. I know that sounds crazy, but I think they'll find a way to win one of these three and push another to overtime. Call me nuts. What do you think will happen?