Shootouts: Learning from Jokinen's example

FRISCO -- The Stars are 2-7 in shootouts and it's been a topic of conversation among fans and media all season. The team is addressing it too, working on shootouts often in practice.

Stars coach Marc Crawford wants to see if his shooters can take Jussi Jokinen's approach. The former Stars dominated in shootouts.

"Guys need to have the type of thought that Jussi Jokinen put into it," Crawford said. "They said he studied it and really recognized that it was something he wanted to flourish at. You have to have in your mind what you want to do. You have to trust your instincts on the goalie one-on-one, but in this day and age you can read what goalies do and you can have in your mind how you are going to make the fake.

"There's enough footage now with goaltenders. Jokinen did that. They were telling me he worked with the Zamboni guy and wanted that ice shaved a little more on the one side. That's detail. He got results. There's something to it."

Crawford even said he doesn't mind if the shooters use the shootout to show off their skill and get fancy. But, of course, he wants results and doesn't want anyone showing up the opposing goalie or team.

Crawford does see some positives lately. One is the play of his goalies in the shootout. He sees Marty Turco and Alex Auld much more comfortable. Turco played well in the shootout win against San Jose, which went to the 11th frame. Auld was very competitive against Los Angeles, which has several top-notch shooters.