Brad Richards 'open-minded' as free agency approaches

ESPN.com's Pierre LeBrun talked to Brad Richards, who is getting ready to hit the free agent market for the first time in his career.

"You always keep an eye on that first day of July, you see what teams do and where players go. It's always interesting," Richards told ESPN.com on Wednesday. "There's always something that surprises you. That's why I want to keep everything open-minded. I've talked to people that have been through it and there's always things that come out of nowhere and you want to be open-minded to receive all that stuff. It's probably my last contract, so you want to set yourself up where you have a chance to win and feel comfortable."

While Dallas Stars GM Joe Nieuwendyk said he still hopes to trade Richards' rights, it seems unlikely that Richards will waive his no-trade clause and will open the bidding with several teams on July 1.

The rest of LeBrun's story is here.