It's good to see James Neal again

And I'm talking about the one that was flying all over the ice and making things happen before the NHL handed down a two-game suspension for what it deemed was an illegal hit.

James Neal won't admit it, but that had to impact how he was playing the game for a little while when he returned (no points in four games after the suspension). How could it not? You don't want to become a dreaded "repeat offender" and risk losing even more money and games.

But what makes Neal such a good player is his ability to play with a physical edge. Stars coach Marc Crawford talks about it repeatedly. That edge seems to be back and the rest of Neal's game has come along with it. He had seven shots and four hits in Saturday's disappointing loss to Edmonton. He had a goal in the Stars' win over Anaheim before that.

Dallas needs Neal to continue to play like he has the last few games. It appears he's doing that now.