Friday Frisco update

FRISCO -- It was a pretty quiet day in Frisco. The Stars practiced in two groups again today, a little less than two hours for each group.

I talked to a couple more guys about Mike Modano’s retirement. This time it was captain Brenden Morrow, who played with Modano starting back in the late 90’s, and Toby Petersen, a Minnesota native who followed Modano when he was playing for the North Stars.

Here are a couple of quotes.

Morrow on Modano’s impact on hockey in Dallas

“We all owe a lot to him. He put in a lot of time and effort into getting the groundwork done here in Texas in selling the game and starting it from the grassroots. None of us were part of it, but we’ve heard the stories of the time and effort that he put in. The stuff off the ice we are very grateful for and then his career speaks for itself.”

Morrow on his first pro season (1999-00) and playing with Modano

“He was in his prime. I remember training camps, just watching him shoot pucks and skate down the ice. Everything seemed effortless, but it was done with a lot of power and grace. He was a fun guy to watch. Playing with him you had to tell yourself to quite watching him and go play because it was pretty impressive to watch.”

Petersen on Modano’s impact on USA hockey

“It was and still is huge. Growing up in Minnesota, when he played for the Stars, he was the guy and it was nice to see a guy who wasn’t from Canada coming in and making such a big impact on the American hockey scene. I don’t think it can be stated enough how big an impact he had on the USA Hockey program.”

Petersen playing with Modano

“It was an awesome experience, seeing the way he went about his business and just seeing the raw talent he had. It was great to be part of a team with him.”

Modano notes

* Mike Modano has been added to the Dallas Stars alumni game, which will be played October 2.

*The Stars added Modano to the team’s roster today, placing an “A” next to his name.

*The NHL Network will be airing a tribute to Mike Modano on Saturday at 6pm ET/5pm CT titled "Mike Modano: American Icon." The program takes a look at his life and career, starting from his childhood in Livonia, Mich., through his final game with the Dallas Stars in 2010.

Friday’s practice lineup

Group 1











Group 2







Jordie Benn-Fortunus