Hitchcock: From Stanley Cup to fountain of youth

The only coach to win a Stanley Cup with the Dallas Stars, Ken Hitchcock, had some interesting things to say to ESPN.com's Pierre LeBrun about how he has had to change over the years in order to relate to his players.

Now with the St. Louis Blues, Hitchcock experiences those differences on a regular basis:

Case in point, just simple communication away from the rink.

“If you want a player to call you back on the telephone and you actually want to talk to him, then you have to text him,” said Hitchcock. “If you call him and leave a message, there’s a good chance you won’t get a phone call back for a little while. But if you text him and tell him you want to talk to him, you’ll get a call right away. It’s just the way it works with this age group. Those are little things you have to learn.”

Hitchcock is texting, yes, but don’t ask him to go all social media on us. There are some limits.

“I’m not going to Twitter, no,” he laughed.