All-Star media day: Quotable Jamie Benn

Friday was All-Star media day in Ottawa. Here are a few quotes from Dallas Stars forward Jamie Benn as he chatted with various media outlets.

On not getting picked last in Thursday night’s All-Star Fantasy Draft

“I’m going to tell him (Zdeno Chara) that he owes me a car.” (Team 1200 Radio, Ottawa)

On whether being an All-Star gives him a sense of having arrived

“Definitely. You come here and you see who you are surrounded by. For young guys like us, we just have to take it in and have fun with it. It’s a pretty cool experience.” (TSN Radio)

On winning a gold medal at the the 2009 World Junior Championship, which was held in Ottawa

“It was unbelievable. Being down 3-0 against the U.S. and coming back, and then beating the Russians. It was one of the best, if not the best hockey moment of my life, winning that gold medal. It’s something I’ll never forget.” (Team 1200 Radio, Ottawa)

On the reasons behind his level of play this season

“I think it’s a little bit of everything. It’s my third year now. I’m confident out there now. I made the switch to center and I think I am really excelling at that position. I am playing with some good players and getting a good chance to play a lot of minutes. I’m having fun with it and it’s good so far.” (Team 1200 Radio, Ottawa)

If there’s a player he grew up watching that he is excited to playing with at All-Star weekend

“Definitely (Pavel) Datsyuk. He’s one of my favorite players to watch. He’s a magician out there. I am definitely looking forward to skating with him, too.” (Team 1200 Radio, Ottawa)

On Stars center Mike Ribeiro suiting up to play goalie once in a while

“He’s actually a lot better than you think. He skates with us in the summer and when we need a goalie he’s the first one to jump in there. He’s pretty good, but I might have to test him out there one training camp.” (NHL.com)

On whether he shoots high on Ribeiro

“Head hunting for sure.” (NHL.com)