Minnesota, Modano share special bond

The Dallas Stars' 4-3 shootout victory over the Wild on Saturday was a chance for Minnesota fans to celebrate a player they still see as a hometown boy, the player the North Stars drafted with the top pick in 1988.

Mike Modano grew up in Michigan, of course. But when you're the top draft pick taken by a franchise desperate for hope and you go on to help the team get to the Stanley Cup Finals three years later, you win over a city quickly.

Fans in Minnesota thought Modano would help take them on more playoff runs, but two years later, he was flying to Dallas to help build hockey in the Sun Belt.

"Sometimes I really wish I was in my prime playing here [in Minnesota]. Once I left, it seemed to really take off, those next 16, 17 years. I wish I would have had some years in the late 20s to really show what we were really doing in Dallas when I was playing."

It sure seemed like many of the 19,009 (yes, a nod to Modano) in attendance on Saturday took pride in the fact that Modano did wind up with a Stanley Cup, even if the franchise was 1,000 miles south on I-35.

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