Upper-body injury knocks Lehtinen out of game

DALLAS -- Well, I'd like to say that this comes as a complete shocker, but it doesn't. Stars forward Jere Lehtinen won't be back in this one. He's out with an upper-body injury.

You've got to feel bad for the 36-year-old Fin, who was selected to play in the Olympics next month, but he just can't stay healthy. It's not like Lehtinen is one of these guys who just toils around, gets a nick and a bump and sits out. No way.

This was Lehtinen's 32nd game of the season after missing a bunch at the start.

We'll get an update at the end of the game as to the severity of the injury.

As for the game, Detroit still leads it, 2-1, with 7:00 left in the second period.